“TMS is a life saver.  I fell into the deepest, darkest depression.  I was sleeping all day, I quit doing my makeup, and I wouldn’t shower for days.  If it wasn’t for my family, I would stay in bed all day. 
 I was very hesitant to start the treatment because I was scared of the commitment and failure.  It was the wonderful TMS technician and Doctor that told me it was time to take care of myself and stop worrying.  They encouraged me to care about my health so I could be there for my family.  It was because of these words that I started treatment. 
 I wanted immediate results, which is not the case with TMS, but after the 20th treatment, I felt a change.  It wasn’t an awesome feeling, but life looked a little different.  I wanted to shower. I wanted to do my makeup. I wanted to be happy.  As the Doctor told me, it took years for the depression to evolve, therefore it will take some time to heal, and with time, it did heal.  After the last treatment, I laughed and smiled, and not just a smirk or a little chuckle, it was a huge smile and a loud, contagious laugh.  My daughter told me she had never heard me laugh like that, and that felt so good to hear.
 TMS does work, but you have to work too.  You have to believe that there is a different way to live, a better way.  You will have bad days, blah days, but that’s okay.  EVERYONE does.  You will also have good and great days.  I am 3 weeks out, and I still take one day at a time, but I work with it and allow it.  I know tomorrow will be different, so I try to live in the moment.
 Thank you to Dr. Chokshi and Jenny for encouraging me …to live.”   
-Kristyn M


“I have been on various anti-depressant and anxiety meds for many years with mixed results.  Some worked for a while, but after a while, a year or so, they simply didn’t help anymore and we would try some other meds that either gave me no relief or sometimes relief for 8 or 9 months to a year.  Over the years, I completely lost interest in all the activities I used to enjoy, & my anxiety increased to the point that I couldn’t enjoy vacations, birding, or taking long walks by myself. 
 When I found out about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, (TMS Therapy), and after checking it out, I decided to give it a try. 
 So far, I’ve had about 22 treatments and can feel the sadness and anxiety are improving. Also, my husband made the comment that I seem, “more alive.”  People I talk to on the phone claim that my voice sounds different–happier and stronger.  For quite a while, I’ve had a strange tremor in my voice, which seems to be disappearing.  I would strongly recommend TMS Therapy to anyone whom has tried different meds without success.”
-Bev G


“I recently took a certification test that I needed to pass in order to be employable in my profession and found out yesterday that I passed my test.  I know that I would not have been able to have study and passed this test a year ago without my TMS treatment.  I am eternally grateful to Hinsdale Psychiatry for their constant support throughout my TMS treatment.”
-Christine S


“TMS Therapy has helped me immensely.  I can’t say enough about it.  I highly recommend TMS Therapy.”
-Sheryl D


“TMS Therapy is the best thing I have done to treat my depression that I did not even think I had.  After my first 2 weeks of treatment, I felt like I was coming back to life again! I look forward to coming to treatment, as strange as that may sound.  The staff, and especially the TMS Therapist are wonderful! My visits are always a pleasure and I feel great afterwards!”
-Misty D


“Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.  They make an uncomfortable time, a pleasant experience.  Everything is explained so I understand what is going to happen and know the plan for the future regarding my mental health.  It is nice to be truly cared for.  I am truly thankful for these people.”
-Todd B


“I would like to express my appreciation to Jennifer Osterling for the wonderful experience I had, because of her, with the TMS therapy she performed.  Not only did she put me at ease during my treatments, but her professional and attentive manner made the experience a most pleasant one.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also express my gratitude to Grisel Ruiz, who assisted Jennifer when needed.  Her pleasant personality and kindness were so helpful in making the experience a positive one.”
 -Beverly G


“TMS Therapy has been a very positive step towards my proactive approach to my mental health.  I have dealt with depression since I can remember, and having taken numerous anti-depressants, I’m thrilled to find a treatment without any medication.  I am on my 17th treatment and although I have not noticed anything much, I did have one amazing, energetic, good vibe day that I was almost certain was from the treatment.  Aside from the treatment itself, there is no way I could have taken away more from it if it weren’t for my TMS therapist, Jenny.  Jenny brightened my day, every day.  She picked me up when I had bad days, and always found a way to make me laugh, and keep positive.  She heightened my experience & kept me wanting to come back every day.  Overall, TMS has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to see where this ongoing journey will take me.”


“I wanted to offer my gratitude and thanks to Jennifer Osterling for the TMS treatment and care, as well as Dr. Chokshi for recommending the TMS Therapy, at Hinsdale Psychiatry.  It’s truly amazing the vast improvement in how I feel, my outlook on life and how I feel about myself. After about two weeks the TMS had literally turned the light and laughter on in my life again. It has been the most effective treatment in helping me heal from MDD.  The kindness and genuine concern of Jenny during the treatments, along with her professionalism creates an atmosphere of comfort during the TMS treatments. She also clearly explained the process and answered any questions I had. Overall, it was a wonderful healing experience. I could not recommend TMS Therapy anymore strongly for anyone suffering from depressive conditions. Again, thanks to the entire staff for creating a friendly peaceful atmosphere for healing!”
-M. Fiorito

“I’ve lived with depression most of my life, and taken anti-depressants for nearly as long. Eventually you resign yourself to the fact it’s something you’ll deal with forever. I’ve since learned this doesn’t have to be the case. When Dr. Chokshi recommended that I talk with Jenny about TMS I was dealing with constant suicidal thoughts. I had come full circle in regards to medications, and was willing to try anything. Upon meeting Jenny I was immediately impressed by her concern for me and belief in TMS Therapy. It made me want to believe too. During that first meeting I was asked to answer questions rating my mood. If possible, I would have rated myself even lower. Around the first week or so I began to feel…something, which was in stark contrast to the nothingness I felt before. I started to look forward to coming in for therapy, which I’ll admit isn’t exactly fun, but definitely worth it. I was told it usually takes two to three weeks to notice any measurable change so I questioned whether it was a placebo effect of some kind. As the weeks went on I no longer held any doubts. I was feeling better. My scores rose exponentially. It was working. After the final session I couldn’t believe where I was at. The suicidal thoughts were gone, and an affinity for life I never knew I had awoke. This turned out to be extremely important a few weeks after the sessions had stopped. A death in the family and the incarceration of a friend threatened my newfound happiness. To my surprise however, I never fell into the hole of despair I had fallen into countless times before. I have TMS and the entire staff at Hinsdale Psychiatry, especially Jenny, to thank for that. If you haven’t been able to shake your depression, give TMS a try. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.”
-Alejandro C